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One of the most prevalent dental conditions in the US is cavities. Whether you’re an adult, elderly, or a toddler, you can’t easily escape cavities, especially if you’re fond of eating sweets. In fact, by the mid-thirties, over 80% of adults will have at least one cavity. Although you might not even notice them at first, cavities can grow and pave the way for bacterial infections if left untreated.

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What Are Cavities

A cavity is a small hole that forms over time in your tooth. While tooth enamel is considered one of the toughest substances produced by the human body, exposure to the acids and sugars in the food we eat wears them away. Even though your enamel is strong, leaving these tiny holes will lead to further tooth decay and harm your oral health.

If cavities are not treated, bacteria may penetrate the tooth’s pulp, resulting in a severe infection and pain. In these situations, a root canal is frequently necessary - or ultimately an extraction.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are used to treat cavities and imperfections in teeth by filling in gaps and the holes left by tooth decay. Various materials, including gold and composites that resemble the shape and color of your natural teeth, can be used to create these fillings. Fillings are required to stop cavities from developing into severe tooth infections that could permanently damage your teeth.

Reasons to Get Dental Fillings

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