A Dental Visit: What to Expect

What is the one thing you fear the most? Interestingly, many people are afraid to go to a dentist office in Vestavia Hills, AL. The reasons vary, from being fearful of the unknown to being concerned about embarrassment.  

Unfortunately, dental visits are not something you can escape from because if you continue ditching your dentist out of fear, your oral health will suffer.  

Don’t let fear rob you of a healthy and beautiful smile because sometimes the fear is caused by baseless assumptions. An important step that can help overcome your dental fear is knowing what happens during your visit.  

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Dental Visit Overview

Routine Oral Exam

A routine visit is composed of two parts. First is an oral exam where your dentist examines your teeth and gums to look for signs of trouble.  

If tooth decay, cavities, or gum disease are detected, your dentist will create a tailored treatment plan and offer possible solutions that can help restore your oral health and smile back to normal. Your dentist will also ask you questions about your oral health and habits and make corrections so you can improve your oral care routine at home.  

Dental visits are also an opportunity for you to ask questions about oral health. The majority of patients succumb to tooth decay and periodontal disease because they don’t practice proper brushing and flossing techniques. Some of them may brush diligently, but they don’t follow the right frequency. Your dentist will know these things based on the condition of your teeth.  

When your dentist asks you questions, be honest with your response. Don’t worry; your dentist will not judge you but will help you correct and improve your ways.  

In-Office Teeth Cleaning

The next step is routine teeth cleaning. According to the American Dental Association, part of preventive dental care is to see your dentist at least once every six months for professional teeth cleaning. You might wonder what makes it different from the oral care routine you do at home.  

In an office-teeth cleaning, your dentist will use specialized tools to scrape off plaque and hardened tartar on the surface of your teeth and along the gum line.  

Sometimes, they may even do a deep clean if you have massive amounts of tartar accumulated underneath the gums. Even if you brush and floss your teeth twice a day for two minutes, your toothbrush can only do so much. It may not be able to reach certain areas of your mouth, especially if you have crooked teeth. Your dentist uses tools that can clean all surfaces of your teeth efficiently.  

Keep in mind that when plaque is not removed for more than 48 hours, it can calcify into tartar. Tartar can destroy the structure and integrity of your teeth and cause gum inflammation and infection.  

dental treatment is performed in dentist office in Vestavia Hills, AL

Ready to Visit the Dentist Office in Vestavia Hills, AL?

Regular dental checkups and cleanings will ensure that you maintain oral health for as long as possible.  

At Highland Dental Arts, we will find a dental solution to give you a confident and bright smile. Our dental treatments will help enhance your oral health. We also use the latest technology and expertise to make your visit a breeze.  

We offer dental health services for everyone, regardless of where they are on their dental health journey. Contact us if you’d like to book an appointment.

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