How to Tell When You Need Dental Fillings

Why do you think the ADA suggests visiting your dentist bi-annually? Keeping your oral health in check is one reason to visit your Highlands Dental Arts dentist regularly. Part of every routine checkup is evaluating the condition of your teeth. The earlier dental problems are detected, the easier it is to treat them.

Your dentist can perform conservative and cost-effective treatments when problems are detected early. Still, if the issues are discovered late, they can worsen, requiring more aggressive treatments at higher costs. A dental filling is a quick and economical procedure that can help restore your tooth’s structure and function. When do you need a dental filling?

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What Are the Signs That Would Require a Dental Filling?

What Is a Dental Filling?  

A filling is a dental restoration procedure used to repair a tooth damaged due to trauma or decay. When your tooth is compromised, your dentist will remove the damaged or decayed portions and fill the space with a filling material to restore your tooth's function and appearance.

Do You Need Dental Fillings?

Toothache or Sensitivity

You can benefit from a dental filling if you experience a toothache or tooth sensitivity. Symptoms may include throbbing or sharp pain in the affected tooth or general sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. When a tooth is decayed or damaged, the sensitive inner layers can become exposed, causing pain and discomfort.

Visible Holes or Pits

A dental filling may be necessary if you notice holes or pits in your teeth, known as cavities. These holes or pits are often caused by decay or damage to the tooth enamel and can be early signs of decay. Untreated cavities can become larger over time and eventually cause more serious dental issues.

Tooth Discoloration or Stains

You may also need a dental filling if your teeth are discolored or stained. Often, these stains are caused by decay or damage to the enamel, which can darken or discolor the tooth. If you notice unusual discoloration, see a dentist immediately. Your dentist can determine the cause and appropriate treatment for unusual tooth stains.  

Rough or Chipped Teeth

If your teeth feel rough or have visible chips or cracks, this may also indicate the need for a dental filling. These rough or chipped areas can be caused by decay or damage to the enamel, weakening the tooth and making it more susceptible to further damage.  

It's vital to see a dentist as soon as possible if you experience any of the signs and symptoms mentioned above to determine the cause of the problem and decide if dental fillings are for you. Your dentist will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and may take x-rays to determine the extent of the damage or decay.

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Get Your Dental Fillings at Highlands Dental Arts

Various types of dental fillings are available, including gold, ceramic, amalgam, and composite resin. Your dentist will evaluate your teeth and help you choose the best material for your needs. Some factors will also be considered, including your budget, personal preference, and the extent and location of the damage.

At Highlands Dental Arts, we have a solution for every problem to give you a confident and healthy smile. We provide expert treatment and use the latest technology to make your visit a breeze. Contact us to book a consultation.

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