Is a Tooth Extraction a Prerequisite for Getting Braces?

If you are searching for general dentistry and orthodontics near you, it might be because you were told you needed a tooth extraction before braces. People often find it perplexing why their orthodontist would recommend a tooth extraction when all they need is to have their misaligned teeth straightened.

Often, having a tooth pulled is necessary to get the best results. Trust us; your dentist would never recommend removing a tooth unless it’s necessary. However, they will consider all other options to achieve your goal before they suggest an extraction.  

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Tooth Extractions and Orthodontics

What Is a Tooth Extraction and Why Do You Need One?

Tooth extraction is a procedure done to remove a tooth or several teeth from their sockets. An extraction may be a part of your orthodontic treatment plan to achieve a healthy bite, straighten teeth misalignment, and give you a beautiful smile.

Dental extractions are necessary if you have crowded teeth. However, it is also possible to achieve your orthodontic goals without having any of your teeth pulled. It all depends on your unique diagnosis.  

So don’t be surprised if your orthodontist informs you of an extraction procedure. It’s common to remove one to four teeth when dealing with abnormal bite patterns.

Which Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Your orthodontist will not randomly choose teeth to extract. They will perform a thorough oral exam and use 3D-modeling scans to determine the most useful teeth to remove while considering how to fit all other teeth into the correct positions.

But generally, orthodontists remove the fourth and fifth teeth (premolars). There are also cases where the back molars are removed instead of the premolars. Again, it all boils down to your specific case.

Some of the other reasons why tooth extractions are recommended are the following:

  • It’s impossible to straighten teeth without extractions
  • The tooth is too large for your mouth
  • The tooth is growing in an odd direction
  • The tooth feels painful
  • The tooth is discolored
  • The tooth feels sensitive
  • The tooth is cracked, chipped, or damaged

How Are Teeth Extracted?

If, after your consultation, your orthodontist decides you need an extraction before your treatment, you will be referred to a general dentist or an oral surgeon.

Simple tooth extraction is done at the dental office, but if the extraction is a bit complex, it will be performed by an oral surgeon. The extraction can be done before the treatment or during. When the site has completely healed, your orthodontist will adjust the device to guide your teeth into the proper position and fill in the space left by the extracted tooth.

The procedure is painless since your general dentist or oral surgeon will administer local anesthesia to the area. Using instruments and techniques, your dentist will efficiently remove your teeth.

When the teeth are pulled out, the gum tissues around the extracted tooth are stitched to close the hole. The stitches will either be removed (requiring a return checkup), or they may dissolve on their own.

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